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Enrolling your child into Before and After School care with OSHClub at Livingstone Primary.

As part of the service provided at Livingstone OSHClub we offer places for children from Vermont South Special School (VSSS) in our Before and After school care and Vacation Care programs.

As part of the enrolment process if you are wishing to look at your child/children attending is a visit to our service and a meeting to discuss whether it may be a suitable environment and to ensure we can assist your child/children with their needs. If we are a good fit, then you can start the enrolment process online through our OSHClub website.

A requirement for children attending from VSSS is for funding to be gained to ensure we have the right number of Staff to assist with the best possible care while your child/children attend our service.

This process can take some time and we are unable to take any children until the funding has been approved and staff arranged. We are provided with funding through Yooralla. Yooralla provides quality, sustainable and flexible services for people with disability across Victoria, including funding to assist with their care.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit to our service please either call us on 0422095115 (if we do not answer please leave a message which we will return your call as soon as possible) or email us at

Regards The Team at Livingstone OSHClub.