Vermont South Special School teaches primary school-aged children who have been diagnosed as having a mild intellectual disability. This means they have a ‘full scale intelligence quotient’ (IQ) between 50 and 70. Enrolment in a specialist school is a little more complicated than enrolling into a local primary school. For a child to attend a specialist school they need to be receiving Department of Education funding through the Program for Students with a Disability (PSD).

What to do:

Step 1
Phone us on 9802 8199
Our Liaison Officer will chat to you about your child’s needs and answer all of your questions.

Step 2
Visit our school to see our programs and decide whether we might be a good fit for your child

Step 3
Establish eligibility to attend our school Our staff can organise all of the required assessments to determine whether your child has a mild Intellectual Disability

Step 4
If your child meets the criteria then we will organise a funding application

Step 5
Your child attends Vermont South Special School


Designated Transport Area

  • Free bus transport is provided by the Department of Education to all students who live within the designated transport area
  • Our buses transport students to and from Vermont South Special School and Heatherwood School
  • Along with the regular driver, each bus has a regular supervisor to assist the students throughout their journey
  • Vermont South Special School’s transport zone covers areas within the cities of Manningham, Nillumbik, Maroondah, Whitehorse, Knox, Monash and Yarra Ranges
  • Please phone us on 9802 8199 to determine whether you live in our transport area

Contact Details

22-30 Livingstone Road Vermont South

9802 8199


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