Teaching & Learning - Occupational Therapy

Many of our younger students in their first years of school require support from Stephanie Derix, our Occupational Therapist. Stephanie works in collaboration with class teachers to assist students in developing numerous skills necessary for school including:

• Fine motor skills – the ability to perform arm and hand movements with fluency and accuracy. This includes the child’s ability to control a pencil, cutting skills, use of both hands together or independently of each other, development of hand strength and all other areas relating to the use of fingers and hands.

• Visual perceptual skills – being able to interpret what they have seen. This includes being able to recognise same and different, copy information, sort out objects into different categories, complete puzzles, etc.

• Spatial awareness and motor planning – being aware of what their body is doing in space and being able to perform controlled, accurate movements.

• Sensory – working with a child to help them develop coping strategies if they have difficulty with sensory experiences

• Self-care – being able to perform activities of daily living as independently as possible such as dressing and the use of cutlery.